For generations, winemaking has been our family tradition. Since 2000, we have been cultivating nearly a hectare of land in the Balaton Uplands near Lescencfalu and on the volcanic St. George Hill. Primarily, we make red wine from the Shiraz/Syrah variety, age it for 12-15 months in 225 liter Hungarian oak barrels and mature it in bottles for an additional year.

Our winemaking philosophy reflects our personal commitment to harmony between man and nature. Today, when agriculture places a tremendous burden on our collective environment, we believe in and commit to responsibly cultivating the land from an ecological point of view. Thanks to the unique location of our vineyards and choice of vine variety, we grow exceptionally healthy grapes while minimizing the use of chemicals. These grapes are free of herbicides and artificial fertilizers. We intervene in the winemaking process as little as possible. When necessary, fining our white and rose wines is done with a natural bentonite clay. Our reds usually stabilize on their own during the long maturation process.


Our wines

Syrah 2018

Syrah 2017

dry red wine

This substantial red represents an important milestone in the history of our vineyards, made from the first vintage of our Syrah stocks. Hand-picked and selected, it matured for 12 months in new oak barrels and was bottled unfiltered. Only 300 were made, to be used for future reference and assessing its development and aging potential. Analysis: Alcohol - 13 V/V%

Syrah 2018

Syrah 2018

dry red wine, Protected Designation of Origin

Deep purple in colour, in its aroma it preserved intensive notes of sour cherry, cherry seed, black pepper and minerals over the 14-month maturation.

Analysis: Alcohol - 13 V/V%, residual sugar – 1,0 g/l, total acidity – 5,7 g/l, dry extract – 29,4 g/l

Syrah 2019 rose

Syrah 2019 rose

dry rose wine, Protected Designation of Origin

A rose wine with fruity notes of berries accompanied by vibrant acidity. An ideal companion to sodawater in the summertime.

Analysis: Alcohol – 12,23 V/V%, residual sugar – 0,7 g/l, dry extract – 19,8 g/l

Szent György-hegyi Olaszrizling 2019

Szent György-hegyi Olaszrizling 2019

dry white wine

A nicely structured, complex wine. Due to its volcanic terrior, the characteristic notes of the riesling variety join remarkable minerality and an exotic mango scent. It's the family favorite, and compliments almost any food, event or company!

Analysis: Alcohol – 12,30 V/V%



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